For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matt 6:21

One might think that writing a love letter to a group of twelve grandchildren, some of whom may not be able to read the words or understand them, is a waste of effort. Well, if words can represent a principle or lasting truth, then who can erase them? If we add time, given to us as an amazing gift and opportunity to our written word, then with a little patience, all of our four sets of grandchildren will some day grow up and be open to receive our  message of love fully.  Not only that, we hope to encourage other  grandparents to consider writing love notes to their grandchildren too. So…..

To Our Dearest Grandchildren Isabella, Collin, Sophia, Christa, Lily, Serena, Luke, Jake, Morgan, Riley, Brody, and Kira,

We didn’t know as young people, how we would be influenced by others close to us.  Our parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, friends and others in our lives shared thoughts, ideas, values, emotions, beliefs, finances, morals, ethics, social behavior, material things and experiences. Because no person, thing, or experience is ever perfect, some good lessons were left out entirely and we made our share of mistakes along the way.

Please know sweet grandchildren that we have no lasting regrets about our parents or the way we were brought up. Oh sure, we may grumble about some things, but in general, they did the best they could.  We are each the accumulation of our past, just like you are and will be.  At this point in our life, we are still learning, growing and choosing to be very grateful; especially when we think of you all and the potential God has placed in you.  We love each of you and are committed to do whatever we can to help you succeed in life.

At times, our road in growing up was bumpy, twisted, dark, lonely and not too much fun.  We have come to learn, however, that it’s not how you start, but how you finish that matters.  We’re not quite finished yet, but we’re down the road of life far enough to let you know we’re living a God-blessed life; one that allows us to write with an encouraging attitude to all of you today.  We didn’t just make it through, we have been made going through our challenges.

There was something else we didn’t know very well when we were young.  We knew about God or Jesus because we were brought up going to church. The sad part was neither of us knew Jesus personally. The Bible says that all good things come from above or from Heaven, the place God lives. It also says that God loves us individually and that we can have a relationship with Him.  He can occupy our heart, if we let Him and accept His forgiving sacrifice for our sins or mistakes.  As your grandparents, that is what we have done, and it’s His loving nature and influence in us that we trust will inspire and touch you too.  We believe, by the power of His Holy Spirit, it will happen the very first day you are able to truly read and understand this letter.

The principle or truth that we love you, your parents love you, and best of all…God loves you can never be erased.  How long it takes for any of you to mature enough to read and understand what’s written here doesn’t matter either.  Even if we and your parents are no longer physically alive, rest assured that God will be there to love you because He is love and He is forever.  Isn’t it amazing  that God wants all of us to not only become His children while we are alive on earth, but to live with Him forever because we are all grand in His eyes!

Isabella, Collin, Sophia, Christa, Lily, Serena, Luke, Jake, Morgan, Riley, Brody and Kira … There is no greater lesson we can share with you and no greater legacy to leave than this: God, who is love and the Grandest Parent of All…treasures and loves you.  We, as your grandparents, have His love in us and we treasure and love you also.

May God richly bless each of your lives and may we, as your grandparents, play a part in His doing so.

Our Love,

Grandpa & Cindy or Grandpa Steve & Vavó or Pa Pa & Ma Ma Cindy

Romans 8:28