The world systems mold human behavior by outside pressure.  The Lord changes our nature by inside occupation. Temple Ministry

With a little thought, most of us can recall a personal “mountain top” experience; the kind of occurrence that stands out above and beyond all others. In today’s message, let’s reflect on four significant Biblical “mountain top” experiences that certainly qualify.

Our first peak journey takes us to the days of Abraham when he followed God’s instruction and obediently climbed Mount Moriah to sacrifice Isaac, the son he dearly loved.  We learned then that God was never for human sacrifice, but rather provided an opportunity for Abraham to live out and model true faithfulness.  Abraham earned the title of the “Father of Faith” in not only Christian, but Jewish tradition because God’s loving and caring influence for Abraham and his descendants was the overriding theme. (Gen 22; Gal 3:29)

From there, we climb to Mount Sinai where we find God and Moses in an event of blueprinting moral behavior for God’s beloved people of Israel as they headed toward the Promise Land.  The Ten Commandments were issued by the heart, mind, and finger of God for the loving and caring benefit of His chosen people.  Even though our behavior pattern of disobeying and disregarding God’s commands have characterized us all the way back to the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, His love has never wavered. (Ex 19 &20)

The Sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes, delivered by Jesus, announced to the world that His standard of love was being elevated and repositioned from something external, to one located in the human heart.  The potential of us becoming temples of His Holy Spirit was revealed.  At the height of this mountain, the Ten Commandments were reduced to their Spiritual essence of the moral law of love.  Only God is capable of doing that, as well as providing us with the internal Holy Spiritual power for us to behave accordingly. (Matt 5-7)

And finally, it was on Mount Calvary where the historic Abraham/Isaac type and shadow was fully appreciated.  This time God provided His Son as a living sacrifice to pay for the wages of our sins. It was at this amazing summit where He provided the opportunity for us to see and comprehend the value of real eternal life-where we could observe up close and personal in Whom the power of faith, hope, and love truly resides. (John 19)

Family and friends, the awesome God of Mount Moriah, Mount Sinai, Mount of Beatitudes, and Mount Calvary lives in the valley conditions of our lives, too.  It is in our constant awareness of His presence in our individual lives that we can glow in confident joy and grow in a wholesome and faithful relationship with Him, no matter what. That truth alone qualifies as a fresh “mountain top” experience!

Psalm 16:11; Heb 13:5-6; 2 Cor 3:17