Faith Christian Center Missionaries to Guatemala

 “Our faith is what brings us the joy of the Lord.” A young Hearts in Action worker

Our exciting mission trip to a Hearts in Action Ministry Jungle School in Petén, Guatemala is now history. By God’s grace, after a week away, our team returned safely and most humbly, with our purpose to experience doing the work of a missionary and impacting others essentially fulfilled.

Because our team was completely inexperienced as “missionaries,” our Senior Pastor’s primary words of wisdom before leaving were for all of us to treat our time abroad as “a learning tool.” We were to pay special attention to the details of what it took to get there, how to serve while there, and how ultimately to return safely-all in the context of gaining a greater appreciation for God’s blessings in our own lives as well as a stronger sense of our responsibility in the great commission.

While away, we engaged in a variety of novel activities and outreaches, which included helping with various chores on the Hearts in Action 600 acre ranch and visiting and ministering in nearby schools, an orphanage, a hospital, a food shelter, and in a local church. We were embedded in an entirely different culture and were privileged to experience their impoverished, yet alluring environment. A sightseeing and recreational tour of the Mayan ruins in the Tikal National Park was also historically enriching.

As a daily practice, our mission team met for a time of devotion where team members took turns sharing an inspired message. Please keep in mind that God (Christ- The Great Pastor/Teacher) is also committed to us learning. May your heart receive and your actions benefit from our following Spirit-led topics:

Day 1. Becoming a Balanced Leader – As Christians, Jesus is the model of balanced leadership. As we grow and follow Him, the more of a balanced leader we will become.

Day 2. Wisdom – Jesus is wisdom. Doing what’s right, the right way and on time, is in Him alone.

Day 3. Simplicity – It is so important to remove from our lives the things that do not glorify God. We should see Him as our beginning, middle, and end. Having our yeas be yeas and nays be nays is simplicity and certainly not simple.

Day 4. God’s Pursuit of Us – The Lord is relentless is His appeal for a true relationship. The lesson leader for this day gave a stirring testimony of how God sent someone across their path every day for one full year to say “Jesus Loves You” and how it finally succeeded to bring His Light to a dark world.

Day 5. God’s Purpose for Us – God made us for His purpose, not our own. When we submit to that truth, then His glory can manifest through us and we can live a divinely fulfilled and purpose-driven life.

Day 6. Walking in Love – There is a great distinction between walking in the eternal benefits of the unconditional love of God as opposed to the ways of temporal man.

Day 7. Finishing Strong Our mission trip is only part of our journey. Love never fails and neither will we, if we abide in the One who always wins and never quits!

Prov 11:11; Jam 1:5; Phil 4:13; John 3:16; Jer 29:11; 1 Cor 13; 1 Peter 4:19