I AM Lesson # 8

PurposeTo reach and teach ready, willing and able students a Christian faith-based personalized pattern of exercise called I AM (Inspired Appropriate Movement), in order to glorify God, to improve personal fitness, and to move with our brain in mind.


Bible Truth # 8.  All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose.  Rom 8:28

KEY WORDS: Chosen, Servant, Motivation, Destiny, Comprehensive, Righteous/System, Trust

PERSONALIZED CONFESSIONDear Lord, Thank You for my being chosen into Your righteous system.  It is my privilege to be a servant to a Father God who has motivation of pure love.  I trust Your comprehensive plan for my life, and a destiny that will bring me to You, forever.  Amen

DEMONSTRATION TERMS:  Airline ticket, trust, destiny, diligence)


Video Teacher: Explains, demonstrates, provides understanding

Student: Paraphrases, participates, demonstrates, provides self feedback

1. Revisit previous 7 lessons

2. Discover, experiment

3. Discussion with others