I AM Lesson # 3

PurposeTo reach and teach ready, willing and able students a Christian faith-based personalized pattern of exercise called I AM (Inspired Appropriate Movement), in order to glorify God, to improve personal fitness, and to move with our brain in mind.


Bible Truth # 3.  All things shold be done for God’s glory. 1 Cor 10:31

Key Words:  Cornerstone, Care, Perseverance, Consistent, Encourage, Wisdom, Enthusiasm

PERSONALIZED CONFESSION:  In Jesus’ name I ask my Heavenly Father for His wisdom. I know He cares enough for me to help me to do things His way.  I desire to keep God as my cornerstone, my source of strength, and my direction.  I have enthusiasm for God’s heart, head, and hand in my life.  Father, I need you to encourage me to be consistent and to have perseverance in becoming Christ-like.

DEMONSTRATION TERMS:  Power, source, brain/mind, physical, temporary, grounded, ego


Teacher: Explains, demonstrates, provides understanding

Student: Paraphrases, participates, demonstrates, provides feedback

1. Revisit lessons 1 & 2.

2. Introduce 2 & 3 prong power source

3. Experiment with I AM music