I AM Lesson # 2

PurposeTo reach and teach ready, willing and able students a Christian faith-based personalized pattern of exercise called I AM (Inspired Appropriate Movement), in order to glorify God, to improve personal fitness, and to move with our brain in mind.


Bible Truth # 2.  We are a three part being – Spirit, soul, and body. 1 Thes 5:23

Key Words — Thoroughly, Now, Time, Courage, Mission, Appropriate, Light

PERSONALIZED CONFESSIONIn Jesus’ name, I declare that now is the time for me to thoroughly trust the Living God to guide me into a new approach of intimacy with Him. I ask the Holy Spirit for His strength and courage to help me submit to my mission of inspired and appropriate movement.  I believe the Lord’s light is on in me and the process will not only help me personally, but guide me in imparting what I learn to edify other members in the Body of Christ.

DEMONSTRATION TERMS:  Choice, hydration, warm-up, aerobic, cool-down, neuron, heart rate


Teacher: Explains, demonstrates, provides understanding

Student: Paraphrases, participates, demonstrates, provides feedback

1. Intro/Review of: uni, bi, homo, cross/conta lateral, clock & counter clock wise

2. Dimensions: Up/down, down/up left/right right/left front/back, back/front

3. Revisit acceptable & recognizable themes/patterns