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Born Again: to be given new spiritual life through Christ; to become a child of God (See John 3)

Christian: someone who has personally accepted the free gift of salvation provided by Jesus Christ.

Eternal Life: the state of being in a right relationship with God, and existing forever in heaven.

Evangelism: the process of telling others about Jesus and what He has done for them.

“Face Book”: to seek God’s face, and be written in His Book of Life

Faith: the act of trusting, relying on, depending on someone to do something for you. To be rescued from sin’s penalty, we need to trust Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness: the removal of the penalty for the wrong we have committed.

Gospel: the truths about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and how we can have eternal life.

Heaven: the place of God’s special presence and the eternal home of all who have been forgiven.

Hell: the place of eternal judgment for all who have rejected Christ.

Inner Peace: a personal sense of joy and contentment that comes to those who are in right relationship with God.

Jesus Christ: the second person of the triune God who became the God-man in order to pay the penalty for our sin and restore us to God.

Salvation: the work of God by which He rescues sinners bound for hell and grants forgiveness because of what Christ has done on the cross.

Significance: Godly influence; the kind that has an everlasting legacy

Sin: any violation of God’s laws.

Success: Our journey through this life in Christ.

Successful: To hear God’s ultimately approving words for the life we lived: “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

** Resource: “How I Can Share My Faith Without An Argument” Discovery House Publishers; Pastor Lafayette Scales – Mens’ Seminar Re: Success, Significance, Successful