dsc02843.thumbnail  At the Pacific Ocean

Short Narrative:

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I could have an intimate relationship with the Creator of the Universe.  I am so thankful for this position of opportunity in God’s army.

My initial encounter with the Lord was in mid-February, 1998 while I was on vacation as a special needs teacher in the New Bedford, MA School Department.  On the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, in California, I reached out to Him as best I knew how and He dramatically responded by touching my heart.  There was no doubt–God was real and my spirit man came alive!

Subsequent to that, He has spoken to me with His authoritative voice three times.  The first was March 5, 1998 @ three weeks after I was born again when He made clear to me that I was to put my agenda in the back seat of my car and wait on Him—because His agenda for me was as good as it gets.  It was His way of telling me at that time a modern version of –Follow Me!  My response — I wrote my resignation letter to the New Bedford School Department on March 7, 1998.  I was drawn in July, 1998 to become a member and active participant of Faith Christian Center in Seekonk, MA.  Secondly, on November 11, 1998, the message of Serious Bible Study boomed within me.  It’s amazing how people suddenly started to tutor me, give me bibles, books, concordances, tapes, videos, and materials of all kinds to support the Serious Bible Study message.  Thirdly, on November 19, 1998 Temple Ministry was broadcast from above.  Slowly, His Temple Ministry plan has unfolded in my life.  Please see the activities section of this blog for manifestations of the Temple Ministry in Christ calling.

Practical Level:

Defining myself the way the God of the Bible assesses me is the most refreshing and balanced revelation in my entire life.  He is the fuel in my tank and the passion that energizes me to learn and grow and see myself pleasing Him and introducing others to His empowering grace.  To be personally guided, guarded, and governed by the Creator of the Universe is, in fact, as good as it gets!  To know Him as my Father and to be His son and disciple makes it easy to declare: The Lord is my shepherd, and I shall not want!

We are all far from perfect, but in my heart of hearts I believe I have the best wife on the planet, the finest children, and the most wonderful grandchildren.   I enjoy others in my extended family, my church family, a number of good friends and mentors, and the variety of work assignments for which I’m blessed to be responsible and accountable.  Time with my wife, family, reading, inspirational writing, traveling, ministering, creative leadership in problem-solving, fund-raising, organizing and physical fitness in general top my interests.

Approaching 68 years of age, my journey now is dedicated to live as a practical success in Christ, to be significant in influencing others in what truly matters (to know and love God too, and make it difficult for people who know me not to go to heaven), and to hear one day His pleasure of my completing a fulfilled life with His words….”Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Some Highlights:

  • Sixteen Year Member of Faith Christian Center
  • Graduate of FCC School of Ministry  (2 years)
  • Member of FCC Book Store Ministry
  • Past Leader of FCC Hospitality Ministry – 4  1/2 Years (With Wife, Cynthia)
  • Foreign Mission Team Leader
  • Prison Ministry Volunteer
  • Facilitate Mens’ Ministry – The Cave
  • Facilitator – Stepping Up to Courageous Manhood – Family Life
  • National Day of Prayer Coordinator – Bristol County, MA
  • Message of Hope – Weekly E-Mail Internet Ministry
  • Originator of I AM Exercise (Brain Focused Operating System)
  • Author – A Hope & A Prayer – Weekly Devotional; Ten Commandment Booklet
  • Volunteer at the Salvation Army Ministry in New Bedford
  • Retired New Bedford Public Schools Special Needs Teacher – 29 Years
  • Certified Real Estate School Instructor (MA)
  • Notary Public
  • History of volunteering/organizing special Town of Fairhaven projects