From Mt. Sinai to Mt. Calvary – The height of God’s love for us.

What Jesus Christ did for us at the cross is astonishing. Let’s go there for a moment. A grand and telling scene was set when three crucifixes marked the mount at Calvary. There was the Son and Lamb of God hung between two opposing souls. While both of the lesser figures were guilty as charged for their previous crimes, the Lord was blameless on all accounts. The very purpose of Jesus expressed itself when one thief decided to rebuke the King of kings and the other exhibited a heart cry for forgiveness. The disrespect of the hardened thief proved fully productive to lasting death, while the humility of his counterpart resulted in the greatest gift any man could receive—the promise of personal eternal life. Of course, the rest is His story. Jesus willfully died on that cross to become the only redemption of sin. There is no greater spiritual example of justice, love, and fulfillment of God’s will. In every sense, this Commander of the Christian faith lived the essence of His Word. It’s something of matchless beauty and worthy of our best effort to emulate and pursue.

Family and friends, it doesn’t matter who you are, from where you came, what you have done, or how old you might be to repent and get right with God.  What does matter is your choice to do it now rather than later because your next breath is never guaranteed.  It has been said that the ground beneath the cross is level for all concerned. That is some great news! You can’t be too good to earn your way or too nasty to be denied. What matters is turning your heart to know and live the love of God. That love is perfectly expressed in the active and skillful practice of the Ten Commandments. But don’t just learn them out of obligation; learn them because their Author is completely deserving. Learn them because they are virtual building blocks of life. Learn them to preserve the matchless ways of Jesus in a lost and dying world. Truly, the Ten Commandments are precious toward the honoring of God and His Kingdom; for Jesus—the fulfiller of those Ten Commandments—is the answer and only way. May each and every one of us go forth, putting the fullness of His Word to action!

Finally, please invest some serious time in reviewing our insightful details regarding the Ten Commandments of God. What we saw at the cross was their awesome power and fulfillment. That same power and fulfillment is ours through Christ and the honoring of His Word. So let’s take pleasure in learning to walk as He did—in the perfect love of God!

Ex 20; Deut 5,6; Mt 22:37-40; Jn 13:34-35; Rom 13:8-10;  Lk 23:39-43; Jn 19:30