Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:  Fear God and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.  Ecc 12:13

I can remember watching a game show years ago.  The host offered the contestant a large sum of money if he could recite his social security number.  He couldn’t.  At that moment, I learned my own social security number, never to forget it, in case that same lucrative question was ever asked of me.

Fast forward to my late 50’s:  I remember watching a video with men from my church. It showed the late Edwin Louis Cole meeting with a large group of “godly men.”  The discussion centered on the need to do as Christ commanded, if we want to be His real friend and disciple. Cole then asked the audience, “Who can recite the Ten Commandments?”

The response was telling. It seemed like every man in that room wanted to hide under the nearest chair. Watching that video convinced me to do three things: 1). Learn the Ten Commandments by heart and in order.  2). Inspire others to understand God’s intention in handing them down. 3). Help others know them, live them, and pass them along as well.

Remembering my social security number may help me but does little or nothing for others.  Knowing the Ten Commandments helps everybody as they embody the loving Spirit that leads to life everlasting.

If we were to walk up the steps of the U.S Supreme Court, we would see a relief of history’s law givers near the building’s roof line.  What’s telling is that each faces a figure in the middle. That figure is Moses holding the Ten Commandments!

Let’s be convinced that by God’s grace and our teachable spirit, we are capable of knowing, understanding, and operating in these lasting and fulfilling principles that prove God is real, He is love, He never fails, and most amazingly, He loves you and me and craves to meet and mature us personally!

Friends, in the coming weeks, we will shine light on God’s operating system, granted to guide us to receiving Christ and salvation. The power of God’s love will change us and those around us if we let Him…One Commandment at a time!

Ex 20; Deut 6; Jer 31: 31-33; Rom 13:8-10; Psalm 1:1-2