There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  Prov 18:24

Have you ever thought about what real friendship is?  I’m sure most of us have used the term friend to describe a variety of people; even some we barely know.  Let me qualify.  I’m referring here to an honest-to-goodness friend; someone you can count on–when everyone else high-tails it in the opposite direction.

I came across a simple definition of a friend that inspired me with a contagious joy.  How’s this?  A friend is a well spring in the wilderness.  Please think about it for a second.  A well spring in the wilderness…

Do you have any well springs in your life?  Is there a rare someone in your life who can come along during your dark, dry, lonely, and fearful times to serve as a cool and never-ending refreshment?  Are you a well spring for someone else?

There are friends, and then… there are friends!  At this point in our lives, my wife Cynthia and I desire to have and be “well spring” friends.  In countless ways, our desire is being fulfilled. We’re fortunate to count several in the category of “well spring” friends.  In addition, we celebrate each other as closest “well spring” friends (even in spite of our being married).  More amazing is our deep trust that, as important as others may be to us and us to each other, there’s one well spring of refreshment in our life that stands alone.

We thank Almighty God, the highest “well spring” friend of all, for creating us, bringing us together as husband & wife, and providing an opportunity for us to converge with other people as “well spring” friends.

A song comes to mind that the legendary Mr. Rogers used to sing.  I suppose, since my fingers are doing the walking here, I’ll alter a few of the words to fit this topic:  “It’s a wonderful day in our neighborhood, a wonderful day in our neighborhood – Won’t you be our, won’t you be our, won’t you be…our well spring?”

From one potential well spring to another, have a blessed day and a real-friend-filled week!!

 Matthew 22:35-40; Isaiah 58:8; Song of Solomon 4:15; Ecc 4:11; Prov 17:17