“When God forgives He forgets.  He buries our sins in the sea and puts a sign on the bank saying, “No Fishing Allowed.” Corrie ten Boom – Trump for the Lord

While growing up, my mother made it a habit of being the one to make sure that everything was all right between us before I closed my eyes to go to bed.  Even if (and usually when) I was the obvious cause of strife between us, “at the end of the day,” I would anticipate her footsteps up the stairs heading toward my bedroom to make things right. That beautiful exercise of my mother’s love, grace, mercy, and quest for peace between us not only reminds me of her great quality as my mother, it also sheds light and hope on an even greater revelation.

Now that my Mom has gone on to her home in Heaven, she demonstrated as my earthly parent what I choose to do now with God, my Eternal Parent.  There is no place for me to rationalize, posture, make believe, debate or question about who may have caused the strife or stress between us because I know the Lord is perfect.  Before my eyes close at the end of the day, the simple question I ask myself, is: “Did I please You today, Lord?”

As a believer in Christ, here is the amazing part.  Too many times my honest answer is not really.  Because He is already there to press the eternal reset button and forgive me because of His love, grace, mercy, and quest for peace between us, all I need is a convicted and humbled heart to ask for His forgiveness.

For us family and friends, “at the end of the day,” let’s be encouraged to be in right standing with the One who created us, the One who died for our sins, and the One the Bible identifies with an everlasting description…Ancient of Days. If we do that, in the greatest measure of our faith, there will be no end of the day.  Why? Because we will live forever in the loving presence of the Prince of Peace and His name is Jesus Christ!

Have a great day and a peaceful night!

Eph 4:26; Acts 4:12; Romans 15:13